Compliance of the applicable laws has become need of the hour in the present days. Any business, irrespective of its stature or size, must abide by the central and state laws. The plethora and complexities of law may lead to violation of some or other laws leading to default, which not only affect the goodwill of any business but it also has to face the embracement, fines and distress. Non-compliance can cause several issues, including penalties, fines, legal problems, and more. This is why businesses invest their money, time, and effort to meet the compliances.

Following are some common risks of statutory non-compliance:

1) Loss of the Company Goodwill

2) Imposition of Fines

3) Cancellation and Suspension of Operational Licenses

4) Civil and Criminal Liabilities

Statutory compliances for business are vast and time bound. The regulatory landscape is ever-changing as regulatory bodies enforce and implement new regulations in quick intervals. Organizations should always stay updated with these changing regulations because non-compliance causes lead to penalties, and we help our clients in dealing with diverse corporate governance and all the Statutory Compliances for effective and timely compliances.

• either in-house OR they can outsource the compliance part to us.

We assist in compliance with all applicable laws (including HR laws, Company law, MSME, Industrial & Regulation Development laws etc.)

In addition, we advise our clients for regulatory compliance, wherever applicable and also provide all the services related to Regulatory compliances so that there is no default at their end.

Corporate governance in India has become an integral part of any Corporate entity and witnessing a massive overhaul of its governance framework. It has received significant regulatory attention in the last few years. It is increasingly being seen as a difficult terrain to navigate given the rapid evolution of the applicable legal framework and judicial pronouncements.

Our Corporate Governance Team advices a deep understanding of the law, practical judgment, innovative thinking. We with our in-depth experience advise companies, their shareholders, counselling to boards of directors and senior management in navigating and introspection for self-regulation in true spirit through the relevant regulations and disclosure norms, which would help any organization to have their compliance system in place and thereby doing the business with ease.