Our team of associates advises clients on all aspects of employment law relating to transactional and advisory matters relating to employment and labor complexities, and represents clients before various courts and tribunals, ranging from basic domestic inquiries to cases before the Supreme Court of India.

We are experienced in advising on all forms of employment law matters and contracts; our expertise also lies in advising on complicated labour issues. We help our clients to comply with employee benefit and social security legislations in India and provide comprehensive local law advice on compliances and registrations

We also advice on issues ranging from structuring employment contracts, remuneration policies, senior management contracts, non-compete agreements and employees stock options, as well as conducting investigations, internal disciplinary enquiries and union related matters and managing whistle-blower and sexual harassment complaints. Beside this we also draft and advise on the enforceability of training bonds, confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

Our associates also do proactive counseling, advise and assist in cases involving sexual harassment at the workplace, intra-office consensual relationships, including drafting of prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) policies, participating in POSH proceedings and acting as external members of POSH Committees.

Beside this we also conduct full-fledged HR compliance audits and internal trainings for employees and management, and assist companies in structuring their policies and handbooks.

Our Key areas of advice include:

• Providing support in devising strategy under employment laws, including the transfers, redundancies, and dismissals.

• Advising on compliance & investigations, creating Compliance Programs and providing support for conducting internal investigations into alleged wrongful conduct.

• Advising on issues ranging from contract worker to general contractual issues; obtaining licenses and registrations under the Contract labour (CLRA) statue.

• Advising on the procedure for disciplinary inquiry and rights of a delinquent employee.

• Advising on hiring, remuneration, compensation and termination of employees.

• Conducting employment audits to evaluate legal compliance.

• Designing, documenting, reviewing the statutory compliances records and system with respect to labor laws.

We also offer various training programs for employees for their motivations, goal achievement and other issues related to their personnel growth and also the training programs for employers to ensure that they are meeting their goals, compliance obligations and we also guide employers through structural changes.